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The Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) expansion project was to have begun in 2020 with completion set for 2023. Latest information however indicate that the project has however been suspended owing to substantially reduced traffic numbers that have made the expansion impractical. Covid 19, travel restrictions in travel all played a part in the down turn that is expected to take time to pickup and reach 2019 levels.

Recent indications of significant growth in travel numbers shows that July 2022 performance indicated that passengers through CTIA’s international terminal reached a recovery rate of 87% when compared to the same month in 2019. This is the highest recovery rate over the last five months.

The Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) expansion project involves the following

  1. Re-alignment of the runway to accommodate larger aircraft
  2.  International Terminal 2,
  3. new domestic arrivals
  4. new apron parking bays

Reported in February 2019

Cape Town International Airport to receive US $516m revamp

South Africa’s Cape Town International Airport is set to receive US $516m makeover  with a new runway, and new international and domestic departure lounges.

Airports Company South Africa (Acsa) spokesperson Deidre Davids confirmed the reports and said the expansion is necessary to meet growing demand at the airport. The make over will be in addition to the 3,500 meter runway runway realignment that will allow larger aircraft – such as the world’s largest passenger airline, the Airbus A380, to land at the airport.

Mr. Deidre Davids added that the baggage hall will be designed to swell significantly to accommodate additional baggage collection carousels, and the meet-and-greet area will be reconfigured.

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Future expansion

This part of the Cape Town International Airport expansion , approximated to cost about US $287m also allows a future expansion of the airport terminal towards the runway, to accommodate additional aircraft’s. The overhaul will take approximately 4 years’ time and is set to be complete by the end of 2023.

Mr. Deidre Davids however pointed out that while some changes and discomfort might be unavoidable precautions will be put in place to keep passenger frustration at minimum and also to ensure that flights can still depart and land as the construction goes ahead.

“While we will do our best to limit the disruption and impact on passengers we ask in advance that airport users to please bear with us – any discomfort experienced will be well worth,” said Mr. Deidre.

Last year the Western Cape government’s Air Access project, in collaboration with the City of Cape Town and Acsa, saw three new airlines add flights to and from Cape Town, while the airlines already using the airport expanded their offering. This has resulted to direct flights to four more destinations at the airport.

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