Cape Town’s Mossel Bay & Saldanha Ports Projects to Get R16.1 billion Short in the Arm

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Cape Town’s Mossel Bay & Saldanha Ports are expected to get R16.1 billion financial boost. The funds will come from Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) under the company’s planned seven-year capital investment program.

Out of the entire monies, the Port of Mossel Bay will get R2.2 billion. The Saldanha Harbour will be allocated R8.4 billion.The Port of Cape Town on the other hand will get R5.5 billion.

The organisation’s capital investment plan demonstrates its commitment to operationalising their reinvented TNPA operating model. the model was announced and adapted in 2021. This was revealed by Advocate Phyllis Difeto, the managing executive for the TNPA’s western region. Difeto said that the goal is to prioritise capital projects that will increase port efficiency while generating additional capacity.

TNPA plans to invest R452 million in the western area ports during the current fiscal year.

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Scope of the Cape Town’s Mossel Bay & Saldanha Ports

Some of the major capital projects at the Port of Mossel Bay include the sheet piling of Quay 3 and the renovation of the slipway facility. The port’s R10.2 million port infrastructure development plan for 2022–2023 consists of all of these critical projects.

The deepening of the port and Quay 4, as well as an extension of the breakwater, are among the seven-year-long projects. The R182-million capital projects for the Port of Saldanha on theothe hnd are already underway. They involve the purchase of a tugboat, the installation of a perimeter fence, and the provision of bulk power. In addition they include, the extension of Berth 205 and berth construction. Furthiremore, the main breakwater and causeway rock revetment will be renovated as part of this project.

Transnet will complete a R260 million capital program for the Port of Cape Town in the current fiscal year. This covers two tugboat replacements and the purchase of a helicopter. The port’s seven-year capital program includes the acquisition of ten dry dock cranes and Phase 2 of the Cape Town Container Terminal development.