Chamarel-Case Noyale Road in Mauritius inaugurated

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The newly rebuilt 1.4-kilometer Chamarel-Case Noyale Road was launched recently by the Mauritius Prime Minister, Mr. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth. Residents, commuters, and visitors will all have easy accessibility thanks to the road’s vital connection between Mauritius’ western coast and central plateau.

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There were also members of parliament, the ministers for foreign affairs, regional integration, trade (Mr. Alan Ganoo), national infrastructure, and community development (Mr. Mahendranuth Sharma Hurreeram), as well as the ministers for land transport and light rail.

Prime Minister Jugnauth noted in a statement that the government’s plan to restructure the country’s traffic network includes the reconstruction of the Chamarel-Case Noyale Road.

How long has the Chamarel-Case Noyale Road been closed?

He said that the road had been closed for a whole year. The prime minister said that getting around had been very difficult for the residents. He lauded the locals for their understanding and patience during that period.

A section of the road between Chamarel and Case Noyale, has all severely deteriorated over a distance of about 1.4 kilometers, according to the prime minister. He indicated that the Road has been a route for commuters for more than 200 years. It was long past due to rebuilding it to ensure security. The safety of travelers was also a concern due to the road’s poor condition. 

In his remarks on alleviating traffic congestion, he highlighted that the project to construct a grade-separated junction at Wooton had been officially inaugurated earlier in the day. He stressed that a number of other projects are in progress. These projects will alleviate traffic issues. They will also ease access and vehicle flow across the country.

Mr. Jugnauth went on to comment on the actions taken by the government to support the tourism industry. According to him, the industry is doing well. It is not far from attaining its objective of one million tourists this year.