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Chinsali Hospital in Zambia nears completion

Construction work of the US $50m Chinsali General Hospital in Muchinga Province, Zambia is set to be complete by the end of this year.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary (PS), Jobbicks Kalumba confirmed the reports and said that the the contractor engaged to do the project, China National Complete Engineering Company have shown commendable commitment towards the completion of the project and has remained  with only a few works to be done.

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Chinsali Hospital

The ultra-modern health facility, is expected to bring much hope to the people of Chinsali of accessing quality health services. The new facility will have 16 staff houses and a department to treat mental patients. This will help the government mitigate accommodation challenges in the health sector.

Moreover some hospital equipment have already arrived on site in readiness for installation as soon as the project is nearing completion. The project will also help cut costs on referring to bigger hospitals for specialized treatment.

Mr. Kalumba explained that the project has now reached 58% and had slowed down due to the rain season which forced the workers to go on an industrial break. He however, charged that works are now up and running in order to beat projected target of completing the hospital before the end of 2019.

“The construction of these public will soon shame the critics of the current government programmes and hastened to advise employers in government and private sector to engage local people unlike bringing labor even for casual work from outside the Province,” said Jobbicks Kalumba


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