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Company selected for Poland’s CPK airport design

The competition to design the new CPK airport between Warsaw and Łódź was won by a consortium led by Foster + Partners and Buro Happold. The critical project will serve as a symbolic gateway to Poland. Thus, it will bring together air, rail, and road transportation while reflecting the country’s national identity. Furthermore, it will provide an exceptional passenger experience.

The vision for the new CPK airport strikes a balance between operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. This is as well a symbolic expression, drawing on over 40 years of experience designing infrastructure and transportation-oriented projects. These range from Hong Kong and Beijing airports to Stockholm Central Station.

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“We are happy and honored to be chosen by CPK as the designers of this project,” said Grant Brooker, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners. Our company will work together to develop a model for the future of completely integrated transportation design. We believe that this project will completely change travel throughout the country and beyond.

The vision of woven architectural form is expressed deliberately and forcefully. It has the potential to shape the building and guide passengers through its spaces while also serving as a powerful symbolic reference to Poland’s rich cultural heritage and the people’s united strength.”

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CPK airport’s project scope

CPK airport’s vision includes a landside interchange plaza animated by lush greenery and flooded with natural light. Before traveling or welcoming visitors, people would congregate in this vibrant space. Furthermore, the plaza connects three major modes of transportation: air, rail, and road.

It serves as the project’s focal point and may aid in the transition to better modes of transportation. The plaza would also be able to take in emerging technologies in the future. One of the design concepts is a simple, continuous vaulted roof that intuitively directs passengers from the plaza to the aircraft.

The vision improves passengers’ experience by making it more accessible and inclusive. The functional and adaptable layout would allow for efficient and seamless passenger flows and transfers with minimal level changes. Visual connections to the surrounding landscape would help to set up a strong sense of place and anchor the transport hub within its geographic context.

The design concepts look at the challenges of time, cost, and quality. Modularization and prefabrication opportunities will be lowered, letting the transit hub adapt to ever-changing operational needs. This results in a robust and future-proof scheme that will stand the test of time. The CPK airport will first serve up to 40 million passengers. Later, it will expand to reach the 65 million target by 2060.

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Kenneth Mwenda
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