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Concession contract signed for Fana Solar Power Plant in Mali

Legendre Energie, a major player in renewable energies and energy performance, has signed with the Malian Ministry of Economy and Finance, together with the Ministry of Energy, a 25-year concession contract for the proposed 50 MWp Fana Solar Power Plant in Mali.

The plant is planned for development on a 150-hectare site in the Dioïla circle, east of Bamako, the capital city of the West African country, starting from next year, under the BOOT (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) model. The GROUPE LEGENDRE subsidiary has already set up a special purpose vehicle dubbed Fana Solar Power for the construction and operation of the future solar power plant.

Completion of the project

The project, the cost of which is estimated at approximately US$ 108M, is reportedly expected to be commissioned in 2023 upon which it will deliver one of the largest solar photovoltaic power plants in the country along with the 50 MW Kita Solar Power Plant that is being built by Akuo Energy,  the leading French independent renewable energy power producer.

The electricity produced by the Fana solar power plant will be sold under a long-term power purchase agreement, directly to the Énergie du Mali (EDM-SA), for integration into the national grid through the 150 kV EDM substation in Fana, which is located approximately 1.3 kilometers from the proposed Fana solar power plant site.

EDM-SA is the Malian company responsible for the production, transport, and distribution of energy as well as the distribution of water in the West African country.

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Expectations for the project

According to Alousséni Sanou, the Minister of Economy and Finance of Mali, the project will promote the national economy through the development of the energy sector.

“It’s realization,” he said, “will help to cope with the ever-growing demand for electricity in the country, by increasing the electricity production capacity of the national interconnected network.


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