Construction begins at Athens Health Campus in Ohio

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Work has started on the Memorial Health System’s Athens Health Campus using MODLOGIQ, a pioneer in intelligent off-site construction. It will be the largest permanent healthcare facility in North America built using off-site modular technology once it is finished.

The four story, slightly under 100,000 square foot medical facility will offer an under privileged population needed services. Memorial Health and the project’s developer, Medical Innovations Development (MIND), gain greatly from off-site modular construction.

The Athens Health Campus is a Design-Build project to help with the tight timeline. It will have four operating rooms, a trauma center, clinical services, medical imaging. Further, CAT, MRI, X-ray, and nuclear medicine, as well as a heliport and parking garage.

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Off-site construction will also prevent hundreds or possibly thousands of site visits by contractors, suppliers, delivery trucks, tradespeople, and other personnel for a project of this size. Literally tons of green house gases will be eliminated. Additionally, at MODLOGIQ’s facility, up to 90% of the construction waste from the Athens Health Campus project will be recycled rather than going to landfills in Ohio.

Remarks on the Athens Health Campus project

“Over 65 tons of steel, timber, sheetrock, cardboard, and other materials were recycled by MODLOGIQ last year. We have the capacity and infrastructure required to deliver on a project of this size and scope—while ensuring that we minimize the impact on the environment—thanks to our climate controlled plant, special 8-acre build yard, knowledgeable MODLOGIQ team, and extensive contractor and tradespeople network,” according to Randy Harding, Plant Operations Manager.

“The Athens Health Campus is a complex, multi story health facility that is ideal for our SMART OFF-SITE CONSTRUCTION. We will provide significant benefits—Schedule Acceleration, Cost Certainty, Superior Quality, Least Site Impact, and Greater Sustainability—by utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM), working with partners who have extensive experience in healthcare/off-site modular construction, and adhering to our special ‘Build Together’ methodology, says Jim Gabriel, President and CEO of MODLOGIQ.