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Construction begins on Fats and Oils pretreating factory in Nebraska

Construction has broken ground on a pretreating factory for animal fats and oils for the renewable fuel industry in Dakota City, Nebraska. Tyson Foods and Jacob Stern and Sons are constructing the plant on 6.5 acres next to Tyson Foods’ flagship beef plant. The JST Global facility will employ 22 people in both operations and management. Operation is expected to begin by the end of next year. The company has pointed out that animal fat by-products maximize the use and value of each animal Tyson harvests and minimizes the waste, keeping with the company’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

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Tyson Fresh Meats, a company based in Dakota Dunes, operates six pork and six beef plants in the country. They have supplied Jacob Stern & Sons, the largest U.S. processor, and marketer of animal fats, with beef and pork-derived fats and oils for over half a century. Animal fat products are used for industries ranging from animal nutrition to pharmaceuticals and the growing renewable foods market. The company has stated that the new JST Global facility will be capable of meeting the stringent specifications that renewable diesel producers require.

“Our investment in this facility is yet another demonstration of our ability to innovate, derive incremental value from every animal, and contribute to our sustainability goals. The new Dakota City facility will allow JST Global to deliver a consistent supply of value-added low carbon intensity feedstocks to meet the growing demands of the renewable fuels market. Responsibly processing fats and oils is a key part of our business and our commitment to sustainability. This joint venture gives us the opportunity to continue to value up our beef and pork production, enabling us to innovate in new untapped markets while continuing to work directly with existing animal fat customers and the emerging renewable energy market,” said Shane Miller, group president of Tyson Fresh Meats.

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