Construction begins on two Idaho Power energy projects

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An 80-MW battery energy storage system is now being built at the Hemingway substation of Idaho Power in Owyhee County. Furthermore, in Elmore County, a 40-MW system is being built next to the 40-MW Black Mesa solar project. This is the initial stage of utility-scale energy storage in Idaho. They are anticipated to begin operating this summer.

Idaho Power informed state regulators that as of this June, there will be a 78 MW capacity gap, which will increase yearly through 2026. The predicted shortfall quickly increased to 101 Megawatts. Idaho Power highlighted transmission accessibility, increased population, and system needs, and decreased variable resource-generating efficiency during peak demand hours.

Battery storage systems to supplement Idaho Power energy plants

Idaho Power proposes using projects coming to 120 MW of battery storage to make up for its capacity shortfall in 2023. Beginning in the summer, the energy storage that is anticipated to go online would “position the company to meet increased consumer demand and assure system dependability,” according to the commission.

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According to Idaho Power, battery energy storage devices are made to exhaust their capacity over a four-hour period. According to the manufacturer, a 40-MW battery has a 160-megawatt-hour capacity. This is more than enough to power 5,000 houses during times of high demand.

These battery projects serve to show how we are utilizing new technology to provide our clients with dependable power.

Remarks on the project

Meanwhile, we will make changes for the system’s continued expansion. These systems will also help us get closer to our objective of supplying 100% sustainable electricity by 2045. Mitch Colburn, vice president of planning, engineering, and construction at Idaho Power said.

“Along with the solar projects that are going online and future resources showed by our long-term plan.” There are plans for yet another battery energy storage device. The 120-MW Jackpot Solar project south of Twin Falls, Idaho’s biggest solar farm, started giving Idaho Power electricity in December.