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Construction of emergency centre in Ghana now complete

The construction of an emergency centre in Ghana’s Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) is now complete and open to the public. As the only infectious disease isolation centre, it is expected to augment the nation’s emergency preparedness and response to outbreaks of contagious diseases.

The newly-constructed facility, known as the Infectious Disease Treatment Centre (IDTC) was funded by the Korean government under the auspices of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), at the cost of US $333,000.

Extensive external works

However, extensive external works, including further filling, paving and drainage are needed to prevent the centre from flooding during the rainy season. Also, with training as part of its intended functions, the centre will need training equipment.

Deputy Minister for Health, Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu confirmed the reports while inaugurating the facility and was grateful to the Korean government for its humanitarian services. He urged all health staff in the three regions of the north to take advantage of the facility and improve health care delivery in that part of the country.

“The IDTC needs competent staff and appropriate equipment to ensure effective and efficient delivery of suitable services to clients sent to the centre,” he said.

He however requested the Honourable Regional Minister and the Metropolitan Chief Executive to consider extending an access road to the centre and also provide a gated fence wall to secure the premises.

The initiative has helped Ghana succeed in attaining her Millennium Development Goals bearing in mind that the World Health Organization asked for its construction in the wake of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa back in 2014.

Yvonne Andiva
Editor/ Business Developer at Group Africa Publishing Ltd


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