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Construction Minister in Angola announces plan to repair main road

Construction Minister in Angola Waldemar Pires Alexandre, has announced the revival of the intervention program on the country’s major roads.

The minister announced this on Tuesday during an interview he granted to one of the local television stations.

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In the interview, the minister said that the programme is regarded as a key one in the road area of intervention of the Construction Ministry in the  country’s primary roadway having also informed the decisions in the identification of the most critical sections of main roads of the country that require urgent attention. The roads identified have high traffic volumes in the country and the high levels of wear and tear.

“These are the national roads, namely the routes Luanda/Benguela, Huambo/Waco Cungo and Luanda/Malanje/Saurimo. These are the roads we have identified as they record higher traffic volumes in the country and for this reason, the process of degradation has occurred much more quickly”, said Waldemar Alexander.

According to him, there is a need to increase the strength of the structure of the pavements and invest in the hugely in the drainage system, both superficial and deep drainage.

The minister added that this plan is outlined and they will be repaired in the near future, considering that the Executive so committed on the objectives and goals of the National Development Plan (PND), especially in the modernization and improvement of roads for the well-being of the Angolans and the country’s development.

According to the minister, the Executive programme of upgrading and rehabilitating of infrastructures is ongoing since 2004.

He noted that the repair and construction and of roads and bridges is aimed at boosting the socio-economic development in the country and uplift people’s living standards.

The minister further explained that, under this arrangement, the ministry has rehabilitated 12.500 kilometers of roads in Angola, not forgetting that in 2002, the country was paralyzed due to lack of resources.



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