The Construction of Namialo-Rio Lurio Road in Mozambique completed

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The construction of Namialo-Rio Lurio road in Mozambique has been completed. This involved construction of the lot 1 and 2 of the N1 highway in the Nampula Province.

The project, which consumed a total cost of $46 million comprises of lot 1 that runs from Namialo to Mecutuchi River Bridge and takes 75 km. the bridge was built by the Italian company CMC. The Lot 2 is also 75km and runs from the aforementioned bridge to the bridge over the Lurio River. The latter bridge cost 47 million U.S. dollars and was put up by MonteAdriano. The latter is now part of Elevo Group involved in construction of the Lot 2.

Construction of Namialo-Rio Lurio Road in Mozambique involved rehabilitation of the existing road. Construction of lot 2 involved rehabilitation of 5 bridges. In the same Lot, 26 bus stops were set up as well as 23 kms of concrete gutters. Other construction works involved setting up 2,000 ml of security bars and 6 kms of sidewalks. There was also a horizontal and vertical signaling system.

President of Mozambique, Dr. Armando Guebuza, the Minister of Public Works, Dr. Kadmiel Mutemba and the Minister of Planning and Development Dr. Aíuba Cuereneia led the opening ceremony.

The president thanked the contractors and praised their work. He also noted that Elevo can contribute to development of Mozambique.

Millennium Challenge Corporation Executive Director was also present at the ceremony. MCC is a company based in North America. ELEVO Group is a company involved in engineering and civil construction projects. The company has undertaken Mozambique, Angola and South Africa. The company has a history running more than 270 years.