Construction of a 30MW Data Center in Accra Announced

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The construction of a 30MW data centre in Accra, Ghana, was recently announced by Africa Data Centers, a subsidiary of the Pan-African technology conglomerate Cassava Technologies Group.

Having facilities in Nigeria, Togo, and Ghana, Africa Data Centres will be able to increase its digital services and solutions to more countries in West Africa, making it the region’s largest provider.

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According to Tesh Durvasula, Africa Data Centres’ Chief Executive Officer, the Accra operation represents a significant milestone for the company and demonstrates the company’s significant growth opportunities in the area and across the African continent. He added that they were seeing a huge demand for digital services, apps, broadband, and cloud technology, among others.

With a capacity of 30 megawatts, the data centre in Accra would be key to enabling hyper-scale organizations in West Africa to implement digital solutions. He said that the new facility will help them achieve their long-term goal of bridging Africa’s digital divide by making digital services more accessible to more people and companies.

Durvasula also stated that they chose Accra as the next location because hyper-scalers, cloud operators, and multi-national organizations expressed a huge demand to digitally transform the West African region.

Benefits of the 30MW Data Center in Accra

Apart from offering digital services to the area, the data centre in Accra will also create a wide range of job opportunities through the digitalisation of the economy and the employment of local contractors and workers for construction, both entry-level and high-tech.

He reckoned that many interesting technologies have their origins in Africa, and numerous startups are investing billions to launch creative concepts across a wide variety of sectors.

Ghana, the second-largest economy in West Africa, said it is also a desirable investment destination for international technology firms aiming to increase their influence in the region.

To gain from the digital disruptions that are sweeping West Africa, Ghanaian enterprises and residents require constant connectivity. The country’s progress, however, has lagged behind the rest of the world due to a lack of required infrastructure.

The move to launch a data centre is in accordance with the company’s growth plans and comes at an ideal time since Ghana’s government has been undertaking creative and forward-thinking digital projects in recent years. Despite recent progress, many Ghanaians still lack internet access.

He concluded by saying that the Africa Data Centers team seeks to establish several interconnected, cloud and carrier-neutral data centres across Africa in an enormous $500 million investment in Africa’s digital revolution.