Construction of Ablekuma’s 1,500-seat PIWC auditorium begins

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Apostle Kwakye has cut the sod for construction work to commence on Ablekuma’s 1,500-seat PIWC auditorium in Anyaa Ablekuma Area. The five-story building project comprised the youth and children’s auditoriums, the main worship center, a parking lot, and a storehouse. As well as offices for the Area, the Residence Minister and other ministers and committees of the church.

The sod was cut by the Area Head, Apostle William Kwakye, and witnessed by the Residence Minister, Pastor Abraham Boateng. As well as the District Minister of Ashalaja, Pastor Hagan, the District Minister for Afuaman, Pastor Andrew Eshun and some district executives.

Apostle Ohemeng Kwakye prayed for a solid foundation for the church so it wouldn’t fall apart. With a brief sermon from Luke 6:47–49, he prayed that the church would instead draw souls for Christ. However, he claimed that when it was completed, which is anticipated to take three years, it will rank among the greatest structures in the region, all to the glory of God.

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Remarks on the PIWC auditorium project

He added, “We hope that the PIWC auditorium structural integrity will be strong enough that we can even continue. Therefore, we ask that everything proceed according to the Lord’s intended plan and that he keep his employees safe.”

Postle Kwakye emphasized that the PIWC had expanded from a tiny church to a larger congregation throughout its history. Necessitating the construction of a building with a seating capacity of 1,500.

He praised the church’s leadership for their foresight in acquiring the land needed to build the auditorium. Additionally, he noted that the PIWCs had made a significant contribution to the expansion of the Church of Pentecost International.

Kwakye stated, “I pray to God to pour down everything necessary into the hands of the congregation for the construction of this chapel. Because PIWCs have brought beauty, majesty, and spirituality into the church.”

Pastor Boateng, the residence minister, praised the Apostle, and all PIWC members for their significant donations to the PIWC auditorium.