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The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) has begun construction of Chikurubi Secondary School, which will serve children of government employees and others in the area of Zimbabwe’s largest prison complex.

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In order to achieve Vision 2030, the Second Republic has launched infrastructure projects like road restoration, dam building, and school construction in recent months.

Benefits of the construction of Chikurubi Secondary School

ZPCS Commissioner-General Moses Chihobvu said the establishment of the Chikurubi Prison Secondary School would come as a comfort to the parents, as it will alleviate problems of abuse of young females and reduce drug exposure.

He also praised the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education for its successful efforts to take a step forward in allowing the development of a school in the community that is closer to the students.

“The girl child is no longer at the mercy of undignified people, so the establishment of the school will also assist in lessening exposure to dugs on the school-going youths on their way to and from distant schools,” said Comm-Gen Chihobvu.

He went on to request some aid in completing the school’s construction.

Chihobvu further remarked that the school needs a great deal of nurturing and support from the surrounding community.

“As partners, we can chip in with any kind of support, be it cash or kind, since there is still a lot of construction works that need to be carried out in order to realize the said dream.”

Comm-Gen Chihobvu asked the school head and her employees to work hard in converting the school into a thriving institution with great results and outcomes.

He urged stakeholders to join ZPCS in its offender rehabilitation and development-oriented programs, which have a rippling impact on the country’s overall growth and development.

Infrastructure development is in accordance with President Obama’s goal of transforming the country into an upper-middle-income society by 2030.

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