Construction of Kennedy Expressway in Chicago to begin in March 2023

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Construction on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago is expected to begin in March 2023. The three-year project was announced by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

It will involve the renovation of 36 bridge structures between Edens and Ohio Street. IDOT will thus remove the bridge decks, replace the joints, and then rebuild the bridge. After that, latex concrete will be put in place to assist the bridges to last a further 25 years. According to IDOT, the bridges have significant wear.

In addition to the bridge renovation, the project will involve repainting Hubbard’s Cave and repairing the overhead sign structures. Moreover, it will involve mending the expressway pavement along that section, and replacing the access system for the express lanes. In order to operate the express lanes, IDOT also intends to set up a new access control system.

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Implementation of the project for the renovation of the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago

Beginning the week of March 20 is anticipated for the $150 million project. Reversible express lanes “will stay open in the inbound direction” throughout the first stage, which will affect the inbound Kennedy and close two primary lanes of the highway at a time.

The second stage will involve modifications to the reversible express lanes, which will close starting in spring 2024 and be finished in the following fall. Moreover, Hubbard’s Cave between Ohio and Lake Streets will experience mainline lane closures in both directions.

In the third stage, two of the main outward lanes of the road will be shut down at once as the reversible express lanes open in the outgoing direction. This phase is expected to start in the spring of 2025 and end in the late fall of 2025.

According to Mary Castaneda, an IDOT representative, “It’s going to be a bit of difficulty. We’re really urging people to alter their timetables but consider public transit if that’s an option for you.