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Construction of Logone River Bridge in Cameroon/Chad to begin in Dec 2021

The construction of the proposed Logone River Bridge over the Logon River that is also known as the Logone River, and which is a major tributary of the Chari River, is set to begin in December this year.

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According to reports, the project entails the construction of a 700 m post-tensioned girder bridge over the Logone River, between Bongor, the capital of the region of Mayo-Kebbi Est in Chad, and Yagoua, the capital of the department of Mayo-Danay in Cameroon.

The project also includes the construction of a link of about 10 km on either side between Yagoua and Bongor, and related developments such as protection of the banks, weighing station, border post, and the construction of the ring road in the town of Yagoua over approximately 8 km with a total of 4 roundabouts.

The objective of the project

According to the authorities of both countries, the objective of the bridge is to strengthen and improve relations between Chad and Cameroon.

Upon completion, the bridge is expected to strengthen bilateral and sub-regional integration and cross-border trade between the two republics, which more or less have been weighed down in recent years by the Covid-19 pandemic, the presence of Boko Haram and the absence of transport routes.

The bridge will also reduce travel time and transportation costs, and improve the accessibility of basic services by nearby communities.

Funding for the project

The project will benefit from grants worth about US $44.3m, which were approved last year by the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The grants from which slightly over US$22.5M tranche would go to Cameroon and US$20,8M to chad are under a framework agreement known as the Pillar Assessed Grant or Delegation Agreement (PAGODA) between the AfDB and the European Commission (EU).


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