Construction of New Beitbridge Vehicle Inspection Department(VID) depot in Zimbabwe to resume

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In an attempt to alleviate congestion at the modernized border post, the government recently committed $1 billion to resuming the construction of a new Beitbridge Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) depot, in the border town of Beitbridge.

The Beitbridge Border Post currently offers VID services.

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For the VID depot, the government has recruited a new contractor, Exodus and Company. The project is a part of efforts to reduce traffic congestion at Beitbridge Border Post, which is undergoing major transformation as part of an ongoing US$300 million modernization and upgrading project.

After the completion of the modernization and upgrading project, government departments and agencies, including the Agriculture Plant Inspectorate and Environmental Management Agency (EMA), will relocate from the border post.

The Beitbridge border modernization project’s plant and animal quarantine centers are also nearly complete. They will improve the country’s capability to regulate related product imports and exports.

With certain essential staff already working at the border, the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) has already established an inland office in the border town.

The new Beitbridge Vehicle Inspection Department depot, which is currently being constructed some 5 km north of the border post, is going well, with most of the structures being at roof level.

Why the work on the new Beitbridge Vehicle Inspection Department depot was halted

According to Engineer Theodius Chinyanga, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development, construction on the new VID depot started in 2019, but it was stalled after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Provided Treasury resources are available and released, Eng Chinyanga stated that more civil works will begin early in next year.

He stated that they have spent $290 million. Additionally, the government has also set a side $1 billion for the remaining tasks in the 2023 budget allocations.

According to the work schedule, all remaining works should be completed by August of the next year. This was revealed by Eng Chinyanga.

In addition to completing the yard surfacing and office housing structure, the contractor has so far dug workshop trenches. According to Eng Chinyanga, there are still certain tasks that should be completed. Most of those tasks are scheduled for 2023. Currently, the contractor is working on the roof.

A weigh bridge, an inspection shed, public toilets, the installation of a palisade fence, and also security lighting are just a few of the remaining works.

President Mnangagwa commissioned some of the completed construction projects in August. It is said that the projects are part of the US$300 million Beitbridge Border Post modernization and upgrade project.

One of the busiest border crossings on the continent, Beitbridge links Zimbabwe and South Africa. The border also serves as a major gateway for north-south trade in Southern Africa.

The massive project is one of the nation’s key Second Republic economic and development initiatives. It has employed more than 1,500 people in accordance with the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).