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Construction of new North Benghazi Court Building in Libya

The Revolutionary Council of Libya has launched a project to construct a new North Benghazi Court Building complex in Libya after the previous building, which functioned as the headquarters of the council after the overthrow of Colonel Ghaddafi in 2011, was destroyed during the ensuing civil war that wracked the North African country.

The proposed complex comprises three above-ground floors housing the courts and various offices, and a below-grade basement floor for the court archives. The project is being carried out by Ahel al Thika Construction as the general contractor. The Libyan Center for Engineering Consultants, provided structural design and technical support, to build the new North Benghazi Court Building.

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Utilizing Penetron Technology

According to the contractor, because of the location of the new Court complex i.e. immediately adjacent to the Benghazi beach and the Mediterranean Sea, a reliable solution to prevent chloride ion penetration and the resulting corrosion of the Court’s reinforced concrete structures was required.

Therefore, based on the results of various Penetron projects that successfully met the challenge of building in a marine environment – in northern Africa and around the world, they opted for Penetron Technology particularly the PENETRON ADMIX and PENEBAR SW-45A.

Elmothida Concrete, a concrete ready-mix supplier, delivered the PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete for the basement slab and retaining walls and the PENEBAR SW-45A to permanently seal the construction joints.

Technicalities of the PENETRON ADMIX

Simply mixed in during batching, and unaffected by the marine environment, PENETRON ADMIX forms an integral part of the concrete from day one and lasts for the entire lifespan of the concrete. PENETRON ADMIX-treated concrete will self-heal and seal all hairline cracks that form throughout the service life of the concrete.

Penetron is proud to have won this prestigious project over the competition, which included all the recognized names in the industry,” said Kadem A. Elbarghathi, the Managing Director of Penetron North Africa.

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