Construction of Springwater Solar plant in Ohio approved

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Ohio regulators have approved the new Springwater Solar plant to be constructed in two counties across Ohio.

According to the Ohio Power Siting Board, the state organization that must approve new energy sources in the state, Springwater Solar will be a 155-megawatt solar farm in Pleasant Township in Franklin County and Fairfield Township in Madison County.

In Ohio, the project is the most recent solar farm to receive approval. Notewothy there are roughly 50 farms in various stages of development in the state.

Development plans for the Springwater Solar plant in Ohio

Springwater Solar’s construction, which will be carried out by Charlottesville, Virginia-based Apex Clean Energy Holdings, is anticipated to begin in the spring and take roughly 16 months to complete.

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In a total project area of 1,085 acres, the project will occupy around 770 acres. The 2,400-acre Pleasant Prairie Solar Energy project, which will be located north of the Springwater Solar project in the Pleasant and Prairie townships of Franklin County, received approval from the Siting Board in October.

Darby Dan Farms is providing 900 acres for the project. That project’s construction is anticipated to begin late in 2019.

Other energy projects approved by the Ohio regulators

A 150-megawatt wind farm in Latty Township, Paulding County, northwest Ohio, was also given approval by the Siting Board. Additionally, there will be 23 wind turbines on the farm. In Ohio, Paulding County has the highest density of wind farms.

The board disapproved a solar farm that was intended for the townships of Cedarville, Miami, and Xenia in Greene County, east of Dayton, because local governments were unanimously opposed to the proposal.