Construction underway for 8 buildings at the new Egyptian space city

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The construction of eight out of the proposed twenty three buildings at the new Egyptian space city, are currently under construction. This is according to Mohamed El-Qousy, the CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency.

The Egyptian Space Agency building, and the African Space Agency building are among the proposed buildings. The design and development building for space systems is also a proposed building at the new Egyptian space city.

The city will be inaugurated on a 123-acre piece of land. In addition to the aforementioned buildings, a testing center that is one of the most essential facilities within the city will also be developed. Furthermore, a satellite assembly; a space academy; a planetarium; and an advanced library of space information will also be developed not to mention a meeting room; and a hotel to accommodate foreign delegations.

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Developments plans of the new Egyptian space city

Al-Qousy noted that the second phase of the space city’s construction includes its service buildings, which feature a social complex, a hospital, and a place of prayer. He said that they were moving into the stage of establishing the Egyptian Space Academy, establishing a center for the research and development of space systems, and constructing a space museum and planetarium to function as a tourist attraction.

Furthermore he explained that the state did not skimp on them in resources to fund the space city, and the city’s plan is progressing according to what had been set. He noted that construction will kick off on the city’s water, telephone, and electricity networks.

In terms of the satellite assembly and testing center, Al-Qousy mentioned that special shipments, would arrive soon, and their installation will commence in September.

The Egyptian Space Agency CEO said that the first satellite Egyptian space city to be assembled within this center is the EgyptSat-2 satellite, saying that this satellite is a grant from China and would start assembling at the end of this year.