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Construction works on New International Airport in Angola to resume later this year

Construction works on the New International Airport in Luanda, Angola is set to resume later this year with the new completion date scheduled for 2023.

Construction of the New International Airport in the northern Bengo municipality of the Luanda province, begun in 2007 in an area of 43 hectares and the first phase was delivered in 2012. However, in 2017 the construction works came to a standstill following the termination of the contract with then contractor China International Fund (CIF).

The new contractor

According to the Transport Minister for the republic of Angola Ricardo Viegas D’Abreu, currently there are negotiations with a new construction contractor, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China group. “The negotiations will be concluded within 15 to 30 days after which an appendix to the contract will be signed,” he added.

He also admitted that there had been some defects in the previous contract signed with CIF and as a result, during the work stoppage a few corrections and changes to engineering and operational deficiencies were made, particularly to the terminal and the runways. “Moreover, we have US $1.4bn funding from China, meant for the project,” he affirmed.

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Inside the project

The project consist of terminals, aircraft maintenance hangars, movement and traffic control areas, support facilities, hotels, restaurants, a presidential and state protocol complex, terminals and two double runways.

The main runway which is about 3,800 meters long and 60 meters wide is located to the north. With this capacity, the runway is capable of receiving Boeing 747 aircrafts.

The second runway measures 4,000 meters long by 75 meters wide and it is located to the south. This can receive the Airbus 380, the largest passenger plane in the world.


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