Contract awarded for an offshore gas pipeline linking the Argo and Cassiopea Fields in Italy

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A 300 million euro offshore E&C contract for the transportation and installation of an offshore gas pipeline linking the four wells of the Argo and Cassiopea Fields to the Sicilian coast has been awarded to Enimed, an affiliate of Eni S.p.A.

The 14″ gas pipeline, which has a length of 60 km and a maximum water depth of 660 mt, will be laid by Castorone and Castoro 10, two pipelaying vessels of the highest caliber in the world. Additionally, umbilicals connecting Cassiopea wells to the Prezioso Platform will be installed by the Saipem 3000 vessel.

The Argo and Cassiopea Fields

The Italian gas supply has recently been impacted by the geopolitical scenario. In this context, the Argo and Cassiopea project represents a strategic and complementary infrastructure. This positions Saipem as one of the key Contractors capable of effectively supporting clients. Furthermore, they help in delivering a practical solution to the current energy crisis. The project in Sicily’s Gela region began to be built last year.

Saipem is cutting-edge technology and engineering platform for complex infrastructure and plant design, construction, and operation. Saipem has always been focused on technological innovation. The company is currently committed to leading the energy transition alongside its clients.

This is using increasingly digitalized tools, technologies, and processes that were created from the ground up with environmental sustainability in mind. It is also listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and works in 70 different countries worldwide. The company has 32,000 employees from 130 different nationalities.

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Other projects under Eni

Eni is moving quickly with the implementation of its plans for the gas supply to the local market from its recent deepwater Baleine discovery in Côte d’Ivoire.

The company also has a contract with state-owned oil and gas businesses in Egypt. This is to evaluate the economic viability of producing green and blue hydrogen while also storing CO2 in depleted natural gas reserves.