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Tilbury Douglas has been named the project manager’s new modernized passenger search area. This project will result in a faster, simpler pre-flight security screening process for passengers. Consequently, it will support the Airport’s master plan to increase efficiency and create a better passenger experience.

The UK government expects all airports to be compliant with new standards by 1 June 2024, the project’s completion date, after a total investment of more than £20 million.

Passenger throughput in 2017 exceeded 12.9 million, ranking Birmingham as the seventh busiest airport in the United Kingdom. The airport is expected to exceed 18 million passengers by 2033. Thus, in line with the expected growth, the new passenger search area project will include a number of amenities. These include a new roof, new lifts and circulation core, refurbishment of the existing atrium, and new office space for staff.

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Refurbishment of Birmingham Airport

Passengers are expected to use the new security lanes by mid-2024, thanks to the innovative use of existing structures. “We are anticipating the start of work on this important project for the Airport,” said Simon Butler, Managing Director of Building Central at Tilbury Douglas.

“We will be supporting various Solihull-based education and career initiatives as part of the plan. Additionally, we will be assisting in the refurbishment of the Airport’s own Education Centre.”

Birmingham Airport officially opened as Elmdon Airport on 8 July 1939. During WWII, the airport was requisitioned by the Air Ministry and used by both the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Navy as RAF Elmdon. At the time, it was mainly used for flight training and wartime production.