Contract awarded for Nordhavn road tunnel project in Copenhagen

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Nordhavn road tunnel in Copenhagen is set to be constructed by two contractors appointed by the Danish Road Directorate, Vejdirektoratet. Besix, a Belgian firm, and MT Højgaard Denmark, a Danish corporation, formed a consortium, with Besix serving as the lead contractor. They will complete the £296 million (€346 million) design and build the contract together.

The announcement was warmly received by Mathieu Dechamps, general manager of Besix International. He called the Nordhavn road tunnel project a landmark occasion for the business. “Besix has significant expertise in big road infrastructure works. This has been demonstrated by our continuing works in Latvia (Rail Baltica), Italy (Valfabbrica), The Netherlands (A16), or Belgium (Oosterweel),” he said.

“Winning this infrastructure project in a nation where we also delivered the beautiful Crown Princess Mary’s Bridget in 2019, again for the Danish Road Directorate, is the confirmation of our status as the area’s foremost authority on infrastructure with more than a century of experience. As a result, we are grateful and honored to have Vejdirektoratet’s confidence in us to upgrade its infrastructure.

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Scope of the Nordhavn road tunnel project in Copenhagen

The 1.4 km cut-and-cover Nordhavn Tunnel will link the Nordhavn harbor region with the rest of Copenhagen. It is included in the “technically challenging” contract. From Svanevaenget, the tunnel travels through the Svanemøllehavn harbor and out toward Nordhavn. It will run 700 meters beneath the water in part. The work package also covers local roads and junctions to be constructed in correlation with the tunnel, as well as mechanical and electrical installations as well as several traffic control and monitoring systems.

More direct access will be made possible to the inner and outer Nordhavn urban development regions thanks to the tunnel. It will link Østerbro to outer Nordhavn as well as facilitate access to nearby port activities. Furthermore, it will divert heavy traffic from the remainder of the Østerbro road network.

Work will begin immediately and last for 60 months as soon as the contract is signed in mid-September. The Nordhavn road tunnel will then be open for traffic in the summer of 2027.