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Contract for construction of Ntui-Mankim road in Cameroon to be re-awarded

The contract for the construction of the 96.7-km Ntui-Mankim road, which was awarded to Portuguese firm Elevolution Engenharia (Elevo), and to Sinohydro will finally be re-awarded to China Rail Way 20 Bureau Group Corporation.

This is according to Serge N’Guessan, the regional director for Central Africa for the African Development Bank (AfDB), which is the main financial backer in this project.

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“Following a review of the related case, I would like to notify you that the bank has approved your suggestion to award the US$ 53.4M lot 2A and the US$ 36M lot 2B contracts to China Rail Way 20,” wrote the regional director in a letter to the Minister of Public Works Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi.

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Conditions for the award

Serge N’Guessan said that the Minister of Public Works must extend the deadlines for the completion of the road project, check whether China Rail Way 20 has the required equipment for the works to be performed within a reasonable period and if it has taken the necessary actions to bring the earth-moving equipment to the sites within the stipulated time, which is 60 days after the reception of the work order.

The proposed contractor on the other hand should ensure its offers including the guarantees submitted, are valid and align with the AfDB’s draft. It must also change the project manager on lot 2A and the environment expert on lot 2B.

Furthermore, all the documentary proofs, as well as the contracts signed by the two parties, must be forwarded to the AfDB for approval before the deals are finalized.

Overview of the Ntui-Mankim road

The Ntui-Mankim road is part of the approximately 248.6 km long Batschenga-Ntui-Yoko-Lena road is a segment of national highways NH15 (Batschenga-Tibati) and NH6 (Tibati-Mambal), and provincial highway 15A (Mambal-Lewa).

It runs through the Centre and Adamaoua Regions of the country, specifically straddling the Mbam et Kim (Ntui) and Djérem (Tibati) Divisions.

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