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A contract for the design of a section of the future Czech high-speed rail (HSR) network has been awarded to AFRY. This is a European company that offers engineering, design, and advisory services.

The company will be in charge of providing the design under this significant contract for the new construction of the Vysočina I section. Consequently, the section is anticipated to grow to be one of the busiest Czech railways in the future.

This contract was given by Správa železnic, the Czech Republic’s railway infrastructure manager.

AFRY will be needed to create a design of a high-speed railway between the municipalities of Brno and Velká Bíteš. The contract mandates that AFRY deliver an architectural and urban design of two railway stations.

It will also include environmental impact assessment and all supporting materials, including geological, hydrological, and environmental surveys.

The company won a comparable HSR contract in the nation earlier this year.

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The Czech high-speed rail will reduce distance between Brno and Velká Bíteš

“The repeated success confirms that the combination of a partnership approach, open communication, and ESG principles that AFRY has been applying in the Czech Republic is the right direction to take,” said Ivo imek, AFRY’s country manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Vysočina I section is a part of the Prague-Brno HSR corridor. It is anticipated to be among the busiest high-speed railways in the country.

The Prague-Brno HSR corridor will cut the distance between the two largest cities of the nation in half, to under 60 minutes. The study was revealed by Správa železnic. This 33km section of new double-track high-speed rail will allow trains to travel at a top speed of 320 km/h.

A number of connections to the conventional railway network are also designed as part of the assignment that was awarded. The Czech high-speed rail will also include adjustments to the applicable road infrastructure.