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Development of Marovanyati Dam in Zimbabwe 97 percent complete

The Marovanyati Dam in Manicaland’s Buhera district in Zimbabwe is 97 percent complete. This was recently revealed by Mrs. Marjorie Munyonga.

The latter is the corporate communications and marketing manager for the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa). She said that currently kerbstones on the dam crest are being installed.

One of 12 high impact dams designated to modernize the agricultural sector

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The government launched the Marovanyati dam project as one of the 12 high impact dams designated to modernize the agricultural sector. This aims to achieve food security and self sufficiency.

Mrs. Munyonga said that the 12 dams are expected to go a long way in providing water for agriculture. They will also provide water for domestic usage in different parts of the country.

Paul Zakariya, secretary general of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union (ZFU), recently noted that small scale farmers lack the capacity to acquire water drawing equipment. This is despite the government’s continuous progress in dam construction.

Expectations for the Marovanyati Dam in Zimbabwe

Once fully complete, the Marovanyati Dam will have a capacity of 50 million cubic liters. This will enable the surrounding areas to begin irrigation projects.

According to Mrs. Munyonga, the project’s broader scope would facilitate irrigation based upscaling of agricultural projects. Additionally, it will also deliver water to the surrounding Murambinda growth point.

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As part of the nation’s efforts to modernize agriculture in order to ensure food security, Zinwa is driving the construction of the Marovanyati Dam.

The ongoing rains and the yearly closure of the construction industry, according to Mrs. Munyonga, have caused a delay in the dam’s construction.

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