Development works for Suburban Rail Loop project in Australia kick starts

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The development works for the Suburban Rail Loop Project (SRL) has officially begun. Upon completion, the project will deliver a 90-kilometer rail line.

The rail line will link every major train service. This will include the Frankstone Line right to the Werribee Line via the Melbourne Airport. Additionally, it will also connect suburbs from the Central Business District (CBD) along the 90-kilometer stretch.

An Overview Of The Suburban Rail Loop Project

The SRL is a fully automated rapid transit system within Victoria in Australia. The project features two main stages categorized into SRL North, SRL West, and SRL East. Together, SRL North and East will form a single 60-kilometer orbital line. Moreover, the line will include 13 stations between Melbourne Airport and Cheltenham.

Additionally, the line will connect a total of eight existing Melbourne rail lines. By 2035, SRL East will be due for opening. Meanwhile, SRL North aims to be open between 2043 – 2053. The total project cost estimate ranges from $31-58 billion.

Back in 2018, the SRL received essential attention when the Labor Government of Victoria announced it as a policy. As a whole, the project strives to serve as an innovative, long-term solution. Its entire construction will approximately, take well a total of 25 years. Furthermore, SRL North as well as SRL East will be built underground along brand-new rail lines.

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The stations will be two-level accompanied by large escalators and concourses that will include interchanges that connect bus and train services. Moreover, the station will also include bicycle parking. In an effort to accommodate the train fleet for both SRL North and East, the project will construct a train stabling and maintenance facility. Planned for stationing at a former landfill site, the facility will be in Heatherton.

As it stands, SRL West has not yet been officially drawn out in detail. However, the line’s formation may be through the electrification and extension of the existing Deer Park-West Werribee railway line.