Diespeck & Iphofen battery energy storage systems set for inauguration

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The 20.7MW Diespeck & Iphofen battery energy storage systems in Bavaria, Germany, are set for inauguration on January 30, 2023.

Developed by Austrian utility Verbund and developers ECO STOR and Kyon Energy, the facilities will be inaugurated in a ceremony spearheaded by the CEOs of Verbund. Hubert Aiwanger, an official state minister, will grace the ceremony.

ECO STOR’s battery storage market monitor indicates that the two lithium-ion battery systems have been in commercial operation since September or October of last year, despite the fact that the event is being referred to as a commissioning ceremony.

Overview and expectations of the Diespeck & Iphofen battery energy storage systems

The Iphofen facility has a power output and energy capacity of 20.7MW/20.1MWh, whereas Diespeck is a 20.7MW/20.7MWh unit. According to Kyon, the Diespeck unit is outfitted with Samsung SDI cells whilst the Iphofen project makes use of LG Chem battery cells.

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Both facilities will offer grid services, particularly primary control reserve (PCR). This involves supplying power to the grid when the frequency veers away from 49.99–50.01 Hz. According to Kyon, they will also make money by trading energy on the spot market.

They will additionally earn by offering “avoided network charges (§ 18 StromNEV). The latter is the “peak shaving” service, which Georg Gallmetzer, managing director of ECO STOR, explained in an earlier interview is not offered for battery storage projects that are commissioned after 2022.

ECO STOR and Kyon Energy’s responsibility as far as the project is concerned

ECO STOR provided battery storage technology and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services. On the other hand, Verbund served as the project owner. This is through its central trading platform entity, VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH.

Before handing the project over to the final owner Verbund, Kyon Energy completed the early stages of project development for the sites by supplying a lease contract, obtaining construction approval, and negotiating a grid access contract.