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Dotham Fedex Distribution Center to be developed

Plans are underway for the development of a $60 million Fedex Distribution Center in Dothan, Alabama. FedEx recently announced its plans to build this 317,000-square-foot distribution center, on a 70 acre site on Sam Houston Industrial Park off Columbia Highway.

Fedex Distribution Center brings 200 jobs to Dothan

The Fedex Distribution Center project will give rise to 200 new FedEx operations jobs in Dothan and training programs in logistics operations starting from high school. Construction on the distribution center is finally set to commence by December, after long deliberations between the city of Dothan and the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce. The project is expected to be completed by the last quarter of  2022.

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Officials also said that the new Fedex Distribution Center will help bolster Dothan’s distribution efforts and continue to make the city a key distribution center serving the entire tri-state region. This  development is highly sought after and welcome in the City of Dothan, especially after the COVID  pandemic slowed down economic development in the area. Therefore, the city intends to support FedEx through the provision of tax abatements and incentives, including the construction of a road to the new distribution center. 

Traffic impact reports show that opening the Fedex Distribution Center in east Dothan, would result in an increase of traffic up and down Columbia highway, which could add up to 1100 more vehicles per day; this led to a need for some  modifications to Highway 52’s design. According to Bart Barefoot, the Assistant Public Works Director of Dothan, some turning lane improvements will be made for Sam Houston Boulevard and a turning lane will also be included for the ramp going on to the circle. He also mentioned that some re-striping would be done on the existing turning lane on 52 onto the ramp that goes onto the circle.

A Representative of Alabama’s 93rd District, Steve Clouse, also mentioned that the high expenses incurred by the city, as a result of  money involved, construction of industrial access roads and the incentives that go with it, are worth the price being paid. Clouse also pointed out that the development of this new Fedex Distribution Center would be especially beneficial to students in the city; as they would have the opportunity to start receiving training from as early as high school and have jobs waiting for them after graduation.

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