Drilling works at Elon field offshore Block G in Equatorial Guinea, starts

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Drilling works at Elon field that is located offshore Block G in Equatorial Guinea, is set to start this month on the 22nd to be precise following the arrival of the Sapphire Driller rig, owned by Vantage Drilling International.

This was announced by Energy Capital & Power (formerly Africa Oil & Power), the leading investment platform for the energy sector in the African continent.

Scope of the project

A total of three infill wells (Elon-A, Elon-C, and Elon-D) will be drilled starting with Elon-C. A tripod structure will also be permanently installed in the Elon-C well in addition to the perforation of the three wells, to support the production equipment and flow lines that lead the flow production fluids to the Okume platform.

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No precise technical information was provided on pre-drilling data, depths, and other target formations, or expected volumes but once operational, these wells are expected to offset declining hydrocarbon production at the nearby Ceiba and Okume complex, which comprises six offshore fields in both shallow and deep-water.

The Elon field and/or Block G is currently operated by Trident Energy, an international oil & gas company focused on the acquisition, operation, and optimization of international mid-life assets.

Revitalizing the West African country’s oil and gas sector

Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons (MMH) has set its sights on revitalizing its oil and gas sector by facilitating an influx of foreign capital and enabling operators to carry out capital-intensive E&P activities this year, with the aim of creating jobs and generating income for the nation in the aftermath of COVID-19.

As of October last year, total crude oil production in the West African country stood at 35.15 million barrels, which translates to an average daily production of 115,250 BPD. The total condensate production amounted to 9.48 million barrels, an average daily production of 31,079 BPD.