Dualization of School Junction-Tema motorway progressing steadily

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The dualization of School Junction-Tema motorway in Borteyman, Greater Accra Region, is making steady progress. The 6-kilometre project, awarded to Messrs Oswal Construction Company limited in April, is expected to be completed in 18 months.

The government is building a new road as one of the key thoroughfares connecting the sports complex, making it possible for the nation to host the 13th All African Games in August of next year. There will be construction of storm drains, access and service roads, street lighting, road signs, and road markings.

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The School Junction-Tema motorway project is 70% complete

According to the contractor, Humphrey, who briefed the Minister of Roads and Highways, the level of completion is approximately 70%. He said that 5km of earthworks had already been completed and the final one will be finished in few weeks. Furthermore, he assured the minister that the entire project would be finished earlier than expected.

Mr. William said that the major earth works, and the drains had been completed to an appreciable level. However, he asserted that dressing and asphalting materials are all in place.

He said, “we would not disappoint the government and the ministry seeing the importance attached to the project.”

The Minister, Mr Amoako-Atta, praised the contractor for his level of dedication given to the School Junction-Tema Motorway project.

He said, “The quantity of work performed thus far has delighted the government and the ministry. The contractor has been doing a superb job and deserves praise.”

He promised that the government would uphold its end of the contract by providing money necessary to finish the School Junction-Tema Motorway project.

Mr. Amoako-Atta claimed that he was always pleased whenever he went to the job sites of OSWAL and ten other Ghanaian contractors because they were constantly on the premises supervising their employees to ensure that tasks were completed in accordance with specifications. Additionally, he declared that the government would help every one of these contractors improve their abilities. Which will enable them land contracts abroad and bring their profits back home to support national development.

He said, “”We need to equip our own and provide them with enough resources so they can perform exceptional work.”

During the tour, the minister also checked on ongoing construction at the Flowerpot in Accra’s East Legon neighborhood.