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EEP revives two turbines at the Tekezé hydroelectric power plant

Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) has revived two turbines at the Tekezé hydroelectric power plant in northern Ethiopia after several months of total shut down

Moges Mekonnen Alemu, Corporate Communications Director of EEP confirmed the reports and explained that three turbines were out of service mainly due to mechanical problems, caused in part by the drop in the water level of the Tekezé River which led to malfunctioning in some parts of the turbines.

Moges affirmed that the turbines will once again supply 150 MW after a total shutdown period of several months. “Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam has a total capacity of generation 300MW of electric power. With the recommissioning of the two turbines it will now be able to generate a total of 225MW of electricity. The repairs carried out by the Ethiopian public company have not been completed: one last turbine is still out of service”.

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Tekezé hydroelectric power plant

The Tekezé River problem is common to other rivers in eastern and southern Africa. The decrease in river flow is caused by the drought that has affected these regions for several months.

The dam was built by SinohydroChina Gezhouba Group Corporation (CGGC). Inaugurated in 2009, the Tekezé hydroelectric project required an investment of almost US $400m. Financing was provided by Sinohydro (49%), CGGC (30%), two Chinese companies, and Sur Construction (21%), a company based in Bezons in northern France.

With the objective of providing enough electricity for Mekele Industrial Park and the inhabitants of the City, EEP also launched a public private partnership project that will be completed within 16 months. The project involves expansion and boosting the capacities of Mekele and Wukro power substations, according to Mr. Moges. It is recalled that recently EEP has completed expansion and upgrading of Axum and Debre Birhan power substations.


  1. Sur Construction company that worked along with two chinese companies is a local construction company in Ethiopia which participated in the construction of the Tekeze Hydropower with a share of 10%. Therefore, please kindly ammend the news.


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