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2,017 km of Canals Rehabilitated under Egypt National Canals Rehabilitation Project

Mohamed Abdel Atty, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt recently announced the completion of the rehabilitation of 2,017 km of irrigation canals under ongoing Egypt National Canals Rehabilitation Project.

Minister Atty said that following the rehabilitation of the said canals there has been a significant improvement in the process of water management and distribution across the North African country. This improvement he said has been encouraged by the official follow-up on the water situation in the rehabilitated canals and the state of irrigation in the lands located within the project.

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He further explained that the Egypt National Canals Rehabilitation Project contributed to reducing the time required for irrigation along the canals, and resolving the problems of water shortage at the ends of the canals, adding that it has also improved the access of water to all farmers in a timely manner.

Rehabilitation of another 5,514 km of canals

The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation also announced that work is underway to rehabilitate another 5,514 km.  Already financial allocations have been made to rehabilitate canals with lengths of up to 702 km, in preparation to offering them to contractors.

The National Canals Rehabilitation Project covers approximately 8,233 km of canals across the Arab Republic in its first phase, which is expected to be completed by mid-next year (2022).

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation according to minister Atty is making significant efforts to implement the national project for the rehabilitation of canals.

It is taking into account all technical requirements and standards, and tests stones and concrete to ensure that they conform to the specifications, quality, and dimensions required.


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