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3 construction workers in Egypt die after Scaffolding fails

Three construction workers in Egypt have died after they fell  from a building in Alexandria on Friday in an incident apparently caused by poor safety procedures, which are common in Egypt.

The three men who were in a construction site in Egypt fell from the tenth floor of the under-construction building in the western part of the city, after the ropes securing a piece of scaffolding came undone.

According to the state agency the scaffolding was not appropriately set up which led to the fall and lose of the three lives.

According to the Mohamed El-Haggar, a sustainability manager based in Cairo who is certified by the US’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the contractor should be arraigned in court for risking the lives of his workers and for losing three lives in a fall that was witnessed.

“Egypt has a record o having poor occupational safety in the past for in the last few years the country has witnessed various deaths caused by the fall” he added

He also said that the experience is bad and there is need for the construction Authority to ensure that the people who work in various construction sites are safe and their lives matters.

“There are currently neither safety procedures nor awareness in construction companies. Ninety percent of such companies in Egypt do not have them, and 90 percent of the workers aren’t covered by insurance,” Mohamed El-Haggar

El-Haggar added that assessments of the construction zone should take place before operations begin, in order to ensure accidents do not take place.

“You need policies to be fixed, as well as strict laws to punish the wrongdoers responsible for such accidents,” El-Haggar said.

Scaffolding accidents has been an issue in African countries and there has been accidents that have claimed lives ofseveral workers.


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