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BenBan solar park in Egypt to be cleaned using robotic solutions

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

Installed solar panels at the Benban Solar Park which is set to be the world’s largest solar PV Park with a total capacity of 1650 MWp which corresponds to an annual production of approximately 3.8 TWh, will be cleaned using robotic solutions from Ecoppia, the pioneer and world leader in robotic solutions for photovoltaic solar.

The Israeli company announced that it has already signed an agreement for the deployment of its equipment in the facility which is located in Benban (Aswan Governorate of Egypt) in the western desert. While enjoying very high radiation rates in this location, the facility also suffers from major soiling and desert sands, requiring frequent cleaning to ensure steady and optimal production.

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Proven solutions

Ecoppia’s unique robotic solutions are completely autonomous, water-free, and energy independent, allowing site owners to enjoy the benefits of year-round peak performance while lowering their Operation & Maintenance (O&M) expenses and overall, their Levelized cost of energy, or Levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

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The solutions were proven to be extremely effective, cleaning nearly 10 million solar panels in harsh climatic conditions, spreading across roughly 2,500MW of installations around the globe. In addition, the robots were also proven to be fully safe and reliable on all module types, to include glass on glass and bifacial.

According to the Israeli company, this project in BenBan will feature the light-weighted Ecoppia T4 solution, designed especially for Single Axis trackers.

Strengthening presence in the Middle East

Jean Scemama, the CEO of Ecoppia said that the company is thrilled to take part in the sustainability revolution in the Middle East.

“As the front-runners in robotic cleaning solutions for solar, entering a new country is a great milestone in the company’s growth, especially when the project is in one of the largest and most significant solar parks in the world” he said.

“Our unparalleled experience in the region, operating in the Middle East for almost 7 years now, enables us to deliver great value to such projects, as we see more and more energy companies advancing towards full automation of their O&M activities” he concluded.

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