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Construction of Power plants in Egypt gets funding from Japan

Construction of power plants in Egypt has received a boost following the signing of a deal worth $243 million with Japan International Cooperation Agency.

The funds which will be channeled to Egyptian electricity companies are  aimed at enhancing the country’s troubled electricity sector that has seen several areas experience outages.

According to Japan, International Cooperation Minister Najla Ahwani the agreement is aimed at enhancing Egyptian electricity companies so that they can be able to curb the power shortage they are currently facing.

He said that the funds will be used in the construction of Power plants in Egypt to boost power supply in the country.

The statement released by the minister stated that the fund given to the three companies will enhance in electricity construction projects and distribution in Egypt and also ensure that the capital, Cairo receives up to 7.5 GW operating wind power by the end of the year 2020.

The Japanese government will also finance a new extension to Abu El-Reesh children’s cancer hospital in Cairo with a grant worth $243 million, Ahwani added.

The announcement to support the construction of Power plants in Egypt cames amid a meeting between  Japan’s Ambassador to Egypt and president  Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ahead of his visit  to Japan next November.

Egypt have been facing power shortage for the last decade but the problem is expected to reduce following ongoing project construction of Power plants in Egypt.

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