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Egypt-Sudan electric interconnection to commence

Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity has penned a contract with Siemens to install two cells for the project in the Tushka plant. The project of electricity interconnection with Sudan is part of Egypt’s plan to become a regional energy hub and exchange electricity with Arab, African, and European countries after a surplus in production of up to 15,000 MW.

Officials from the ministry have taken ambassadors of Siemens and Energy-iBB to Sudan to examine the Sudanese electric grid and the connection points in order to implement effective power compensatory transformers, one of the basics in the connection project in order to maintain the stability of the network and the electrical efforts in addition to preventing any falls in capacity.

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Egypt-Sudan electric interconnection

The two companies will also visit the location to understand the requirements and specifications, in order to make a proper technical and financial effort, in order to make a proper technical and financial effort.

Egypt and Sudan have agreed to set up a 300 MW electric interconnection project on two phases. The interconnection line starts in the first phase of the Toshka 2 transformer station, heading to the 220 kV transformer station in Arqan, and up to 500 kV in the second phase

Performance testing and experimental operation of the project in the first stage with a capacity of 150 MW will start in the first week of January and the actual operation and transmission will need two more months. The supply of static var compensator will require six to eight months. However it will not contradict the pilot operation of the project.


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