Nuclear power plant in Egypt set for construction

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The construction of a  nuclear power plant in Egypt is set to begin after the country signs a bilateral agreement with Russia.

According to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev the two countries are on the final agreement to see the agreement is signed so that the project can kick off.

He added that the relevant contracts is already being prepared and is expected to be signed this autumn a move that will see Egypt’s energy sector improve and curb the latest trend of power shortage.

The two countries have in the past signed some agreement such as the NPP development projects which have already kicked off.

The prime added that every feasibility study have been carried out and the only remaining part is to get the specific specifications and the total number of nuclear power plants that are supposed to be constructed and the number of power units as well as commercial terms.

He also added that the two countries through their finance ministries are in consultation on the financial agreement and on how the project will be funded.

According to Russian prime minister, the nuclear power plant in Egypt will create thousands of jobs for Egyptians, who will also have the opportunity to get “academic and hands-on training” at Russian nuclear facilities. Dmitry Medvedev highlighted that there are about 50 Egyptian students who will start training at Russian universities in various professions this year already.