Three contracts signed for Paragon New Capital project in Egypt

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Builderia Development has announced the signing of three contracts for the construction of its Paragon New Capital project.

The contracts were signed with;

  1. Schneider Electric, a French multinational company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability, to provide smart-building-management solutions and equip PARAGON with the latest smart building solutions;
  2. Space Consultants, a boutique engineering consultancy offering specialist project engineering services, for general project supervision; and
  3. ASASS Construction, a general contracting company focused on turn-key projects covering various sectors from Residential to Administrational and Commercial, as the project’s General Contractor.

Mohamed Bedeir, the CEO of Builderia Development and Ziad El-Hares, Managing Director of Builderia were present at the contract signing project as well as Fouad Zayed, the Vice President at Digital Energy, NEA & Levan, Schneider; El Khayam Medhat Dorra, the Vice-Chairperson at Space Consultants; and Islam Onsy, the General Manager at ASASS Construction.

Following Builderia’s vision in each step at the PARAGON project

Speaking after the signing of the contracts, Mohamed Bedeir said that Builderia works towards a clear strategic vision based on leadership, innovation, and reliability.

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“We are keen on following this vision in each step at the Paragon project, as it was achieved in the planning and design phase, and we made sure to incorporate our vision in the selection of the partners who will be executing our project, seeking to uphold to the highest standards of quality and punctuality in implementing our work plan,” he concluded.

The project sits on a total area of 4,300 sq. meters and has a built-up area of 23,000 sq m. It consists of a two-story parking area, a ground floor, and seven-storey administrative building with a total of 205 units.

According to El‑Hares, Builderia commenced the work on the concrete structure of the building last October, and it has sold 55% of the targeted project sales.