Etebi-Enwang Bridge in Nigeria to be commissioned in September

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The Etebi-Enwang road will be formally unveiled by the Akwa Ibom State Government in September with the Etebi-Enwang Bridge, which is 1.15 kilometers long in total.

This announcement was made by Governor Udom Emmanuel as he was inspecting the ongoing Etebi-Enwang Bridge project in the Mbo Local Government Area.

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The Etebi-Enwang Bridge project, which will link communities in the Esit-Eket Local Government Area and Mbo Local Government, according to the Governor, would resuscitate socio-economic activities as well as bring relief to the people.

Etebi-Enwang Bridge important to the growth of socio-economic activities

Emmanuel guaranteed that once completed, the Etebi-Enwang bridge project will be crucial in expanding the vista of socio-economic activity in the state, and he hinted at plans to establish a fabricating yard for oil and gas along the state’s coast.

He congratulated the Ministry of Works & Fire Service and the contractor, AMITEC Construction Development Limited, for their commitment to seeing the project through to completion.

The Etebi-Enwang Bridge will be the fourth-longest in Nigeria, and the contractor has committed to having it ready for commissioning by September 30th.

Aiman Saimua, the managing director of AMITEC Construction Development Limited, congratulated Governor Udom Emmanuel for his support and dedication to seeing the project to fruition after it was abandoned under the previous administration.

He said that they began in 2018, and he thanked the Governor for his assistance, financial support, and commitment.

The governor was promised that this bridge would be ready by the end of September this year, even though the rest of the road had already been completed. With a total length of 1,150 meters, it would rank as Nigeria’s fourth-longest bridge once it is completed. He said that it has 52 22.5-meter spans.