Ethiopia earns US$13m from cement exports

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Chemicals and Construction Inputs Development Institute has announced that Ethiopia has made 13m USD in 9 months, from export of cement.

Cement and Related Industry Development Director with the institute, Solomon Yohannes said last month that the recipients of the exported cement were Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan. The cement came from 21 cement factories run in the country, out of which 80% are owned by Ethiopians.

Two cement factories are also under construction in the country, including Dangote’s, and whioch is expected to come online this month. When completed, the factory is also expected to boost the total cement production from 12 million ton annually to 14.5 million ton annually. The factory will produce 2.5Mt/yr and is being built at a cost of US$500m. It also features recent latest pollution controlling technology, which will make it environmentally-friendly with no smoke coming out of it.

Dangote Ethiopia cement

The Dangote’s factory being built in Ethiopia at West Shoa Zone, Adaberga woreda will be the largest of its kind in East Africa. The plant is being constructed by Chinese firm Sinoma International Engineering. The company has previously announced plans to expand in regions including Middle East and Latin Americas in addition to its operations in Africa.

Ethiopia has also witnessed increased production of cement in the factories, from 50 percent in 2012 to 65 percent. It has also earned more than 500,000 USD from cement since 2012/13.