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Ajima Chacha Irrigation Development Project execution begins, Ethiopia

The Execution of the Ajima Chacha Irrigation Development Project in Ethiopia has begun following a groundbreaking ceremony held on Saturday 9th January this year according to Dr. Eng. Seleshi Bekele, the Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

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Bekele made the revelation on his Twitter account saying, “I am pleased to celebrate with Amhara Regional President the commencement of the Ajima Chacha irrigation project which is expected to develop 7000ha of land, benefit thousands of farmers upon completion, and create employment opportunities during and after the construction phase.”

Implementation of the project

Located in Amhara State in the northern region of the East African country, the Ajima Chacha Irrigation Project will be undertaken by the Chinese Civil Engineering Corporation (CCEC), a multinational corporation with interests in Railway, Road and Bridge construction, water and housing projects, in cooperation with the Amhara Water Works Construction Enterprise (AWWCE), a governmental organization responsible for all water-related constructions, distribution, and supply of water-related goods.

The project scope includes the construction of a dam that’s 45.5 meters tall and 371 meters long, with the capacity to store approximately 55 million cubic meters of water. Other works include the construction of an irrigation and drainage system as well as the main canal with a total length of 44,000 meters, a branch canal with a total length of more than 20,000 meters, and dozens of secondary canals.

Expectations for the project

Upon completion, it is estimated that 7,000 hectares of land will be able to be developed, benefitting more than 28,000 Ethiopians living in the proximity of the project.

According to the country’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, the project area is ideal for high land fruits like apple, vegetables, wheat, and barley production, and therefore the irrigation development will enable the country at large, to increase land, water, and labor productivity towards import substitution and food security.


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