Ethiopia: Debre Berhan to welcome 7 new factories

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Debre Berhan industrial area in Ethiopia will see seven companies in various sectors construct manufacturing factories, an investment totaling to US$112.1m (2.3 Billion Birr).

The Mayor of Debre Birhan has said that the factories will help create jobs and welcome other manufacturing units into the region.

The cornerstones for the different factories were laid down on 24TH this month at a ceremony attended by key Ethiopia government officials, company heads and owners.

A tractor and agricultural equipment assembly firm TGT Enterprises is one of the companies to set up its factories in the region. Juniper Glass Industries PLC is also set to construct the first glass bottle factory at the Debre Berhan industrial area. The factory will be constructed at a cost of US$50m. US-based Roha Ventures is the parent company of Juniper.

Other companies to set up factories at the industrial area in Ethiopia are My Shoes and Leather Manufacturing Plc. A pharmaceuticals and a PBC products manufacturing factory will also be set up.

In addition to these factories, Ethiopia is about to welcome industrial parks in Hawassa city, following the laying of foundation by the Prime Minister last week. The developments will be completed by December this year according to Industrial Parks Development Corporation Board Chairperson, Arkebe Equbay and will help spur the industrial sector in Ethiopia.