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Wrangles over the construction of Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia continues

Plans by Egypt to redesign Nile Dam-where Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia is being constructed has been opposed by Ethiopia. The Grand Renaissance Dam is expected to be the largest power plant in Africa.

Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia, being constructed along River Nile has been on the center stage of disagreement between the two countries for more than two years.

According to the state-run Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation Egypt has sought an increase on the number of outlets at the massive dam under-construction to allow water flow to downstream countries (Egypt and Sudan).

This comes barely few days after Egypt showed up some fears on the construction and their main fear comes out on what would be Africa’s largest power plant would severely curb its historical water share. Plans by Egypt to redesign Nile Dam therefore is intended according to authorities to safeguard water sources.

During the recently held tripartite meeting between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan Cairo has proposed an increase of water outlets at the dam from two to four to allow a much more water flow and thereby to prevent significant reduce on water flow to lower riparian nations.

Ethiopia, however, rejected the proposal saying enough impact studies had already been conducted.
Ethiopia launched the Nile dam project in 2011. Egypt whose people depend on the river for water sources says the $ 4.2 billion huge project will disrupt the flow of the Nile River and sees it as a national water security threat.

However, Ethiopia says the project never intended to harm Egyptians but is necessary for development and should be taken as symbol of cooperation among Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia.
Ethiopian officials stress that the main goal of the dam is “combating poverty and realizing development and prosperity”

Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam is 1,780m long and 145m high dam and will have a capacity to generate 6,000 megawatts of electricity.


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