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Ethiopia Roads Authority’s 4 roads project to cost US$194m

Ethiopia Roads Authority’s 4 roads project project worth $194m has officially been commission and signed between then head of the Ethiopian Roads Authority, Habtamu Tegegne, and representatives of the several contractors. The Ethiopian government came upon the decision to invest the $194m for the construction of four new roads that will total a length of 299KM.

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First Road

Ethiopia Roads Authority’s 4 roads project’s  first road will extend from Hamsuit to Estie, in the northern part of the Amhara Region, and is expected to upgrade the existing gravel road to asphalt concrete. Ningxia Communication Construction, who signed a contract agreement, is expected to complete the road within three years. The road will be seven metres wide, including the shoulders.

Second Road

The second road is the Fisiha Genet-Kele-Segen-Gebelbano road which begins in Chulese and stretches 90Km to Soyama passing Buji Wereda and Soyama, the administrative seat, and end up around Segen River nearby Segen Valley. It will be constructed by Chinese Railway 14th and the bid to select the consultant is in the process of being carried out. Additionally, it will have 40m and seven-metre widths in the urban and rural areas, respectively, will be financed by the Ethiopian government, and it is expected to be completed within 39 months.

Third Road

The third road, Adiale-Girawa, is in East Hararge, Oromia Regional State and is 55Km-long. It will be constructed by Hibe China Construction Company, and the bid to select the consultant is in progress. It will connect Adiale, Qore, Amber, Bifetu, Dawee, Qurefa, Oramitu and Girawa towns and will have a width of 19m in the urban areas and seven metres in the rural area including the shoulders.

Fourth Road

The fourth road is located in Somali Regional State, the  Gode-Kelafo road. It will have a length of 88.5Km, a 10m width in the urban area, and an eight-metre width in the rural area including the shoulders, connecting Gode-Kelafo-Ferfer.


Four companies were awarded the task of carrying out the projects by the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA). The government will fund three of the projects. One of them will jointly be financed by the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA), the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and the Ethiopian government.

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