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Ethiopia seeks bidders to construct Hawassa Airport

The Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE) is looking for bidders who will construct the Hawassa airport. The design work was carried out by two firms and comprised of an airfield; designed by the Transport Construction Design Enterprise (TCDE), and a terminal designed by private consulting firm, Bereket Tesfaye Consulting Architects and Engineering. The design work is already complete.

The designed terminal will be a five-story building that will comprise a VIP lounge, security check points and baggage handling, restaurant, kitchen and a roof terrace.

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Hawassa is the capital city of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region (SNNPR). The region, in 2005, received a total of 631 thousand tourists, both local and international. The area is accessible by roads and the government seeks to capitalize on the revenue to be received, since most of the tourists visiting the area are able to afford air transport. This number is expected to double once the airport is completed.

The enterprise recently awarded Afro-Tsion a US$29m contract for the construction of the Jinka Airport.The design of the airport was done at a cost of US$52,000.The construction of the terminal and airfield is set to start this year, with the total cost of the project to be determined after the bidding process is concluded.

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