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Ethiopia inaugurates the biggest airport aviation hub in Africa

Ethiopian Prime Minister Minister Abiy Ahmed has inaugurated the newly expanded Addis Ababa Bole International Airport terminal, the biggest airport aviation hub in Africa exceeding Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo International Airport.

The China-funded project began construction in 2015 at a cost of US $35m. The terminal has been fitted with modern amenities including automated bag drop solutions, e-gates, self-check-in kiosks, baggage handling and the latest airport security technologies.

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Addis Ababa Bole International Airport terminal
The project is is projected to raise the annual passenger capacity to 22 million from its current 7 million. Addis Ababa last year overtook Dubai as the leading gateway to Africa, according to travel intelligence agency ForwardKeys.
The terminal and the new five star luxury hotel that was recently launched by the airline are a great boost for the state carrier, Ethiopian Airlines, which is currently implementing a 15-year strategic plan aimed at becoming Africa’s leading airline group. Founded 74 years ago, the airline has an operating fleet of 111 planes and currently flies to more than 119 international passenger and cargo destinations, with over 61 of those in Africa alone.
This five star hotel rests on 40, 000 square meter and has 373 rooms with 27 presidential and executive suites, four restaurants and a conference and banquet hall that can hold 2, 000 people at a time.
Ethiopian Airlines has strategically invested across Africa, making deals to revive defunct airlines, setting up hubs in countries including Togo, and partnering with airlines in Malawi, Chad, and Mozambique. The country also announced that it would start granting visas on arrival to people from Africa.



  1. This a great achievement by the Ethiopians and it is a way to becoming the only greatest hub in Africa. We have partnered with the Airline in transporting groups of people to various destinations and have complained many times of the facilities at the airport. Now they have left no room for complaint. We wish the Airline the very best of luck and inspite of mishap our support is still 100%.

  2. When are you returning to Bangui, Central African Republic (BGF), you are needed here for passenger traffic to all East African countries, Europe and the US?

  3. This calls for a round of applause for Ethiopian Airlines,the Government as well as the Ethiopian people. Anything you set your heart and mind on,you can do and also can achieve. Congratulations!

  4. Well done, and thank you all at the Ethiopian Airline! The headquarters of the African Union surely deserves to own the infrastructure and the corresponding premises to host the world’s masses en-route their respective destinations around the globe! This Ethiopian Airline feat is a real seek for development at its onset on the African continent, and leadership is part of its solution! Bravo the Ethiopian Airline!

  5. A strategic vision with committed leadership and dedication makes it happened ! A job well done.

  6. Go head the NEW SPIRIT OF AFRICA
    Ethiopian airlines is not for only Ethiopians for Africans also am proud of u.

  7. It is a very great achievement to be applauded. Along with this big aviation hub, the Ethiopian Air Lines has also accomplished and inaugurated a big hotel.

  8. Major Development in the Aviation Sector by Ethiopia Indeed with its central location within in Africa and the amazing history of Ethiopian Airlines What Is Next!

  9. Impressive!! Business expansion while maintaining excellent and quality service.

    Ride on EA.

  10. Great job Ethiopia! An example to everyone of what can be done when there is the will, commitment and determination.

  11. Very Good Show!
    It reflects a marvelous progress as regards to the development activities being undertaken in Ethiopia.

    Well done- Keep it up!

    Form: Mohammad Ali Asif
    Karachi- Pakistan.

  12. “Of a dedicated effort, this is a ‘do’, not a ‘try’; more-so to the fact of a rightful pride-rise and focus for a Worthy Business Venture Accounts here, In this Inaugurated Biggest Airport Aviation Hub in Africa. Of today’s Economic Challenging World, ‘Confidence is the Welcome Yardstick’; Well Utilized, it Yields Much sought Resources and Imaginations turn into Reality and Development For a Nation Building. Ethiopia, you Undertook the Rightful Venture for a Worthy, Various Business Opportunities.”


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