US $400m Road project linking Ethiopia to Somaliland’s Berbera Port kicks off

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The government of Somaliland and Ethiopia have launched a US $400m road project that will link Ethiopia’s border town of Togochale to Berbera Port in Somaliland.

Speaking during the launch ceremony, Somaliland’s President Muse Bihi Abdi said the road will provide access for landlocked Ethiopia to an additional seaport and significantly boost trade between the two countries. It is estimated Somaliland imports to Ethiopia is  worth over US $800m annually.

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The Berbera-Togochale corridor

The 72 kilometre-road is an ambitious and strategic road project that will also enable Somaliland to benefit greatly from the winds of change blowing across the Horn of Africa. The agreement calls for infrastructure investment to upgrade the existing Berbera Port and to build a new adjacent Container Port. It is projected to take 18 months to be complete.

For his part, Mustafa Mohammed Omar, the regional deputy President of Ethiopia’s Somali Region said the Berbera-Togochale corridor was instrumental in facilitating import-export trade for Ethiopia’s growing economy.

The road projects is being funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development. The two countries had earlier in 2018 signed a joint  venture agreement for the Berbera seaport while Dubai held 51% of shares.

The Dubai Ports World launched the construction work of the Berbera port and signed a 30-year concession agreement to administer the port which is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden. The expansion will lead to the capacity of the port increase by 50%.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia has been playing a unique role in the realization of infrastructural driven economic integration and deploying peace enforcing missions in various hot spots of the continent. The country took a wise step to end hostilities and pursue economic and political partnership that is heralding a new era of good neighborliness in the Horn of Africa and beyond.


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  1. Congratualations,
    Somaliland is independent country for last 20 years, peaceful, stable and democratic with civilized people. No terrorists nor pirates. Ready and open for business. All world welcome.

    Union of DIR tribes in Somalia and Ethiopia.

  2. I am very sorry that this news regarding the road construction between Somaliland and Ethiopia is completely lacks the facts and the neutrality. For example the amount is wrong and the news itself is invalid. There is no somalia but the self declared replublic and Ethiopia has launched the project and concered it.

  3. Good article. A small corrections though, it’s the Government of Somaliland not Somalia. Please do investigate the difference.

    Thanks again for the article and looking forward reading more from this region.

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